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UK.OCR™ Community League


Welcome to the home of the official UK.OCR community league!

What’s the benefit to runners to be part of the league?

Here at UK.OCR we believe in being inclusive to all, and that means everyone is welcome to take part in the league, hence we have made it as simple as possible. We don’t ask you to send us details, you don’t need to do anything other than run at the league events, YOU CHOOSE the distance at your chosen event. Qualifiers will be invited to run for a rock bottom price of £20!

All the events we have chosen have excellent safety records and put runners experience high on their agenda. The 3 regions mean that you don’t have to travel the length and breadth of the country to attend events. The Finals day will be availble to all qualifiers for £20, but should you not qualify then you will get to run exactly the same course at a very reasonable cost (prior to the qualifiers, so you get the best conditions).

Finally with the support of our supporters we will be able to offer great quality clothing and equipment packages going forward.

Where to take part...

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