OCR Communtiy League

UK.OCR™ Community League

Rule Book


Racers will be awarded points for performance in their UK.OCR Community League category. They may also be judged for performance in any other category for which they are qualified, e.g any other league or championship not associated with The UK.OCR Community League.


At the end of the season the top 30 in each category, will be invited with a rock bottom price of £20 to come together to compete in the finals seeking to become League Champion in their category. Categories will go head to head in the same selective waves. You have earned the right to compete with the other great runners in your category. This will be very exciting racing! OCR runners and racers take foreseen risks and sign the individual event waivers.


  • Under 40
  • 40 and over


  • 1st = 30
  • 2nd = 26
  • 3rd = 22
  • 4th = 20
  • 5th = 19
  • 6th = 18
  • 7th = 17
  • 8th = 16
  • 9th = 15
  • 10th = 14
  • 11th = 12
  • 12th = 11
  • 13th = 10
  • 14th to 20th = 8
  • all other finishers = 5


UK.OCR Community League racers will be advised before the race start of any obstacles where there is a penalty for non completion. Normally this will be a time/exercise penalty. The penalty is set by the RD and the Community League organizer. Racers will follow the marshals penalty instructions without discussion


Bringing elite runners together with the weekend warriors is very much part of the strategy of UK.OCR – stimulating, challenging and competitive fun. So we don’t forget the guys who miss out on top 30 placing and would still like to compare themselves with the best, you will be able to run the full Finals Day championship course in the morning, chip timed and make it nice and muddy for the finalists running in the afternoon (Those guys who are used to always having the best conditions!).